Does Cycling Make Your Bum Flat?

Cycling is one of the best-known sports in the world, practised by many professionals and by others less formally and more entertainingly. In both cases,  ​​flattening the butt after a lot of practice is sometimes worrying, especially for those who are beginning to be part of the sport.

Clarifying these doubts can even be crucial to deciding whether you want to practice the sport or not, but it is important to take into account what good and bad things can be about practicing cycling. Based on this, it will be possible to know if the butt is flattened or not, knowing its reasons and how the necessary care can take to avoid accidents when cycling.

Does Cycling Make Your Bum Flat?

Does Cycling Make Your Bum Flat?

Cycling is a sport that strengthens the lower part of the body, helping the hips, legs, and glutes so it does not flatten the bottom when practicing it. Many have that fear, but the truth is that it is a very convenient sport for those who want to have a big butt.

Suppose you want to practice for a competition. In that case, it is necessary to comply with a training plan so that later extreme fatigue is not caused by energy expenditure and lack of good nutrition. Many additional benefits can be found when riding a bicycle and among them are:

  • It helps to lose weight

Although it is a good sports strategy to lose weight, many seek to have muscles when cycling at various levels. It may lose weight at first and then improve the muscles when practicing, especially in the legs and buttocks, when practiced several times a week.

You can also lose weight at the abdominal level, but it may take a little time, and you must work on it constantly. In addition, it can help you to have better resistance when exercising and have new routines that are more demanding.

  • Allows toning

Once you start to lose weight, you can have an implementation of routines that make it possible to tone your body, and this goes hand in hand with the habit of cycling. This is a good way to recognize that you will not flatten your butt when you ride a bike for long hours—quite the opposite.

  • Improves the shape of the buttocks

Once you shed as much fat as possible, you have a chance to give your butt a better shape because cycling is so beneficial for it. You have to have good exercise routines that lead you to achieve it, like climbing hills and driving, standing up and not so much time sitting down.

You can add other exercises such as squats, jogging, and the one-leg bridge, having established schedules for it. It’s important to remember that having a fully toned body requires you to do exercises that work your upper body because that’s something the bike isn’t going to do much for.

Do not exhaust all your energy in a single day, and eat healthy so that you do not have excess fatigue in the future.

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Can You Make a Shape of Your Bum Through Cycling?

The more you practice, the more consistent your butt growth is likely to be, but it’s important to review what kind of shape you want and what resistance you want. When you want it to look big and bulky, you have to give your hips more movement and, above all, have long rides where you drive standing up.

For added steadiness, you’re better off riding fast on flat ground or hills, where you can also implement a bit of stand-up riding. Try not to exhaust yourself too much, use your legs well and place the seat and the steering wheel at adequate heights so that you do not have lower back problems or discomfort that could injure you.

You can firm up with other sports such as squats and planks or leg raises, thus firming up your posture, the strength of your legs, and the hardness of your butt while eliminating fat.

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Does Cycling Give You a Flat Bum?

When cycling is not practiced correctly, it is possible to give some lumbar, hip, and muscular injuries that imply that you can have a flat butt. For this reason, the steering wheel and the seat must be leveled, considering that safe routes are made in which there are no falls when using a bicycle that is too small or that is not a mountain bike, for example.

If it is practiced professionally and with experience, it will not have a flat butt because these cares and the seat characteristics must have known. However, if you do not have this knowledge, you must consider it for correct posture care, such as a comfortable seat, a strong steering wheel, and good tires.

Does Cycling Give You a Big Bum?

If you want to practice cycling, it is important to take care of the proper postures and leveling so that it is safe for you and you can increase the size of your butt. It is not too complicated for you to achieve it, but you have to be careful when driving to avoid bumpy roads or faults that can damage you through the seat.

Try to drive standing up, have hip movement, and do specific routines where you have several days a week to drive. You can also increase the times progressively and thus more safely achieve an advance that helps you.

Why Do Cyclists Have Big Bums?

Riders who are more experienced have a big butt because of the time they practice and the habit they have gotten into doing it. They are also responsible for complying with training that improves their resistance and makes it possible to better reach the objectives they want in competitions, for example.

Jogging, squats, planks, and other exercise routines have made it possible for them to have that big butt that characterizes them.


With cycling, you have the opportunity to build a big butt when you practice correctly and do additional training to improve strength and endurance. In addition, any flaccidity that may have occurred previously can be toned, being possible only when there is perseverance and dedication in each exercise routine.


Biking is a great way to get exercise, reduce pollution, and have fun. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy these benefits, so I am working hard to make things easy for people to know about E-Bikes.

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