Can You Identify E-Bike by Serial Number?

Can You Identify E-Bike by Serial Number?

All E-Bikes have a serial number to be identified during their assembly process. This number can also be found on some of its parts, allowing owners to know which one corresponds to their bicycle.

It is always good to know this data since thefts can occur that lead to reports in which this information has to be provided. Here you will be able to know this information, having it at your fingertips for when it is necessary to use it among the informative details of your bicycle.

What is the serial number?

The serial number contains some letters, hyphens, and numbers personalized for each bicycle, located in the lower part of the frame, lateral to the vertical tube. It can also sometimes be found in the pedal area for better visibility.

When registering a bicycle or looking for one anywhere, it is important to search and read it correctly. If it is not found in these places, it may be in others, such as the bottom of the steering wheel or next to the seat tube.

It does not have spaces, and when it has hyphens or lines, they must be eliminated when making the record that will give. Thus, there is greater certainty that the registration is correct and that it will not be confused with another bicycle.

How can you find it?

The serial number is really easy to recognize because it is visible on the bottom of the frame or in places where it is easy to access, such as the tube next to the seat. It can read with its dashes and letters, but when registering the bicycle, it is important to remove the dashes or lines so that a correct registration is given.

Can You Identify E-Bike by Serial Number? – Explained

Just like regular bikes, electric bikes also have this feature, and the serial number can find easily and without much hassle. However, it may not find in metal like older bikes but on labels in key places like the bottom of the frame.

They are labels that have to be taken care of even more, and losing them can be complicated for future revisions after the bicycle registration. If you want greater security of these serial numbers, a good recommendation is to look for a way to protect the labels that will help you never lose them.

How Do I Find out What Year My Bicycle Is?

All the parts of your bicycle have serial numbers, and the date is usually located on them. Part of the series usually associated with the brand goes first, with a letter, then the figures for the month, day, and year.

Thus, for example, a bicycle would have the date of June 10, 2012, as 061012, followed by the corresponding number.

Thus, you can know your manufacturing time, which applies primarily to older bicycles. Other more current ones have it established in specific labels where it is unnecessary to decrypt anything.

In this way, its parts can find more easily in case of needing repairs or modifications.

What is the Bike Frame Number?

The frame number does not correspond to the serial number but the one that establishes its size, which is important before assembling any bicycle. Each part has a corresponding number, allowing the correct location of its parts in the manufacturing processes.

It is usually found on the back of the frame or next to the pedals, sometimes used for registration because it can fulfil the same function as the serial number. Some brands establish it together, achieving that the date of manufacture, the main letter of the brand, and the frame number are implied in the serial number.

How to Spot a Stolen E-Bike?

Electric bicycles usually have a registration system for mobile devices, used in the form of GPS to locate their location in real-time. Also, if you want, you can place an additional one that works by being placed in a not-so-visible part of the bicycle, such as under your seat, and that has a long battery life in a single connection with a mobile device.

It is also important to remember that electric bikes are not that common, and if the serial number is known, the report can give to start your search. This will optimize the search process to have the bike as soon as possible.

Safety Tips for E-bikes

The first thing to remember is that, when parking the bicycle, it is important to place any lock on it that does not allow its movement, especially in parking spaces appropriate for it. If there is no one, a rope with its corresponding lock can place on its wheels that do not allow any movement.

Another strategy is to place a remote control alarm; some are functional for bicycles, and it is better to activate it for long hours without fear of theft. The best thing will always be to place the bike in specific parking lots since they usually have a lot of security.


Bicycles are an excellent tool for exercising or getting around more easily on journeys that are not long. Your safety is extremely important, and one of the most effective tools to achieve this is using the bike’s serial number, which is highly visible.

Other options are using alarms, GPS, locks, and safe bicycle parking, eliminating any theft that may occur to a greater extent. Although dangers can always occur, the idea is to take advantage of every opportunity to eliminate theft as much as possible.

This can use with any bicycle, but with electric ones, you can have greater safety because they are not usually very common and can be easily recognized anywhere. It is important to have the bicycle registered, needing the serial number and the owner’s data to run correctly.

Always take care of your bicycle! Keep in mind that doing so can give it a longer, useful life without damage that could put your life in danger.

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