Can You Bike With Shin Splints?

Many people with leg ailments, especially blood circulation problems, tend to train with various activities that allow them to stay active. However, sometimes the pain is so intense that not everyone is sure it is an excellent medical recommendation to eliminate this problem.

Shin splints, for example, are very common in people who practice physical activities for long hours and do not comply with a proper warm-up. Here you will be able to know how convenient and recommended it is to practice cycling if you have it, considering if it is a good recommendation for your long-term health.

What are Shin Splints?

If you develop pain in your right lower leg after running, you may have shin splints, a common injury in runners. They are an inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and tissues in the lower leg, and in some cases, the tibia bone may also be affected.

The pain usually occurs after correct or the next day, mostly in beginner runners who demand more than they can or train with foot placement errors. Among the most common causes of this to occur are:

  • Excessive inward turning of the foot when striding.
  • Excessive rolling out.
  • Use of inappropriate shoes.
  • Running for a long time intensely can also happen by running on hard surfaces.
  • Have minimal flexibility in the ankle
  • Increase the duration of the exercise.
  • The increased intensity of exercise.
  • Increase in the consecutive days in which physical activity is done.
  • At the beginning of the physical training program.
  • Overweight or obese.
  • Have flat feet and rigid arches.
  • Do exercises without warm-ups or cool-down stretching exercises.

When you see a doctor, he will ask how you have been using your muscles, what exercises have been done, and the specific site where the pain is. The general symptoms are associated with a leg cramp with sharp pain or dull pain in the tibia, and it is not always caused only by running but can also be caused by walking or dancing. Swelling may also occur in the lower leg, especially between the knee and ankle. Read more about it here.

Can You Bike With Shin Splints? – Explained

Can You Bike With Shin Splints?

The odors from shin splints are usually powerful and are challenging to remove cramps so that they can leave pain for a couple of hours. That is why deciding to ride a bike with this is a bit dangerous because the cramps can become more and more intense, and, in some cases, they can also be caused by training with the bike for many hours.

Medically it is not recommended that if you had a cramp a few hours ago, you go riding a bicycle. However, maintaining the corresponding rest to resume after a day or two will always be better. In addition, the corresponding warm-ups must carry out so that there are no problems with cramps because they can happen to anyone regardless of age, primarily due to excessive training.

Can Cycling Make Shin Splints Worse?

Any activity done inappropriately can be a big problem for this type of cramp, but if it is practiced correctly, it will not worsen. Cycling is a good alternative to improve blood circulation and counts as an excellent activity for cardio, which is of great importance to support other types of more demanding workouts.

However, it is not correct that while you have the cramp, you practice cycling; You have to give the body breaks appropriate to the intensity of the exercise practice. In addition, it can worsen the lumbar area or other areas of the body.

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Is Cycling Good for Shin Pain?

If leg pains have been present for a long time and a formal diagnosis has established that they are blood circulation problems, physical activity can significantly help. Cycling can be one of the most recommended, but as long as its practice in a regulated way in which there are few hours of training.

If you want to increase gradually, it is possible, but as long as it does not cause more significant damage due to excessive physical activity. It is even a good recommendation to start with a stationary bicycle because it allows an increase in intensity according to what is preferred and does not make it necessary to practice outdoors.

Also, some potholes or steep streets can be a problem for those not used to riding them on their bikes.

Can Biking Cause Shin Splints?

The handling of the bicycles has to be moderate and done correctly because pedaling or braking with the feet may be an element that causes cramps in the shins. It is also possible that if you drive for a long time, there is excessive muscle fatigue, which generates cramps, especially for those who are not used to it.

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Tips for Avoiding Shin Splints

These cramps are not severe, but they annoy those who have them. Therefore, you can take advantage of the following tips to prevent them and always enjoy your physical activities.

  • Carry out a study of suitable positions to practice sports

This type of study is also known as a biometric study, making it possible for you to prevent the presence of cramps or any other type of discomfort when practicing physical activities. A good position in each practice is essential to avoid short and long-term injuries that affect your body.

This is also applicable for riding bicycles and any other type of sport that you want to practice for leisure or professionalism.

  • Apply good warm-ups

Before starting any physical activity, it is also essential that you do a warm-up that is consistent with the effort you need to apply to it. For example, if it is cold, for example, you must do so to avoid cramps and any other type of muscle injury that can be a little more serious. Stretching makes you have higher performance, so it is a task that you have to apply eventually.

  • Stay hydrated and avoid the hottest hours

Before, during, and after the exercises, you have to hydrate, especially when riding a bike. You can also drink drinks rich in minerals and avoid the hottest hours because if you sweat more, you lose more fluids.

How Do You Heal Shin Splints Fast?

The treatment you have to use will always depend on the severity and cause of the cramps; in case of severe, you need a rest time in which you do ice and medicines to reduce pain and swelling. You may also need crutches and have to keep weight off the area for short periods.

Avoid activities that worsen symptoms in mild cases; if it’s a structural problem with your feet, you may be prescribed orthotics, arch supports, or inserts. As soon as the symptoms disappear, you can return to the walking routine slowly and progressively.

In either case, you must rest your leg for five days or longer if you experience pain. You must use ice packs on your lower leg for 15 minutes at a time and elevate your leg to reduce swelling. Wear a compression bandage and new exercise shoes, sports orthotics, and inserts that help support healing.

Important: If these strategies don’t help, it’s best to see your doctor.

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Calf cramps can be a problem that causes you too much pain and that, in most cases, is caused by an excessive practice of any exercise. However, it can treat with various home self-help, but if it is chronic pain, you should go to a specialist in the area who is responsible for giving a diagnosis and more specialized treatments.

Cycling, when practised excessively, can create these ailments in those who do not warm up correctly or have poor sports practice. Therefore, you must take care of these details so that you are not harmed in the short or long term.


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